Direct Cash Donations to the poor

Dodore Foundation supports poor mother-headed families in developing countries with monthly donations. We empower them to improve their own lives. Our methods of donation are simple, transparent, and very effective.

Through Dodore, you can donate to poor  single mothers who earn no more than € 1 per day. We give unconditionally: the beneficiaries themselves know best what their families are in need of.
We guarantee that 100 percent of your donation goes directly to the beneficiaries. Together with you, we can make a difference in people’s lives today.


Dodore is supported by investors who cover all of our costs, on the condition that we keep overhead as low as possible. And this is how we do that.

We use the simple concept of unconditional gifts.
We us new (mobile) technologies: all payments to beneficiaries are done through M-pesa, Kenya’s mobile banking system.
We work with volunteers.
We partner up with local organizations.

Dodore provides financial empowerment through mobile money transfers (M-pesa) to poor mother-headed families with a small unconditional gifts.

Identifying and helping mother-headed families in need is the aim of the Dodore Foundation. Dodore has focused on Kenya as mobile banking is well developed. With the help of community health workers, church leaders and volunteers, we are able to identify and enroll mother-headed families.

We currently have beneficiaries in Kibera and Sinai slum in Nairobi and Kendu Bay in Kisumu. We are working on increasing the number of beneficiaries and extending the services not only in Kenya but also in other African countries.

Our well-wishers focuses on the beneficiaries on board and will continue supporting them for as long as there is money.



July 11, 2016 Posted In : Beneficiaries

The joy of every mother is to see their children grow and finish school. For Jacinta’s case, she always dreamt of her son finishing school and getting a job so that he could help in taking up some of the house responsibilities like paying bills. Her son was her only hope. Just as her son […]



July 11, 2016 Posted In : Beneficiaries

‘I would like Dodore Foundation to continue supporting poor single mothers, grow bigger and  get more donors so that they can help other single women who are going through tough times’. These were the words of Winfred about Dodore Foundation during an interview in her tiny single roomed house in Sinai slum, Nairobi. Winfred is […]



July 13, 2016 Posted In : Beneficiaries

In June 2015, as Dorcas was minding her business, she was approached by a Community Health Worker (CHWs are members of a community who are chosen by community members or organizations to provide basic health and medical care to their community) who had previously attended to her when she was sick. Jacinta, the community health […]



Donate internationally through the bank
Stichting Dodore
NL44 RABO 0159 6822 15


Donate in Kenya via Mpesa Pay-bill
Pay-bill number; 748474
Account Name; Dodore Foundation