• They deserve a chance!
  • You can make a difference!
  • Let’s make them feel special!

Together, let’s take them out of poverty

Feed a Child

For €5 a month, you’ll feed a child every school day.Feed them today so they can have a tomorrow.

The Breakfast Club is Dodore’s program to raise awareness and funds to provide breakfast every school day (the most important meal of the day) for young children aged 3-10 years old in Africa with the aim of reducing hunger and poverty.

‘Only meal of the day’

On tougher days, the children might not even get a meal so the sponsored breakfast could be the only time in the day when they get food to eat.

The challenges the kids face

Hunger, lethargy, stunted growth, health issues, inability to concentrate…

A simple but vital meal

If sponsored, the school would provide a simple but nutritious breakfast.

Our Partners

Dodore engages with different individuals and corporate partners to enable the Breakfast Club program.

You will make a difference to the lives of these young children to secure them a brighter future.

They deserve a chance! You can help change their world.



Donate internationally through the bank
Stichting Dodore
NL44 RABO 0159 6822 15
Stichting Dodore, The Netherlands


Donate in Kenya via Mpesa Pay-bill
Pay-bill number; 748474
Account Name; Dodore Foundation
(The Breakfast Club)