Ghana beneficiaries

  • April 27, 2016

Dodore Foundation extended donation to Ghana to give unconditional funds to the mothers headed families. With the help of Jerry Osei Bonsu, the Ghanaian field officer, the process of selection began by contacting a pastor of a church in the selected slum. An announcement was made by the Pastor stating the requirements of the mothers who qualify to be beneficiaries of the program.

A questionnaire was developed to further ascertain whether the responded applicants really qualified for the selection in Old Fadama slum in Accra Ghana.

The selected single mothers are either staying with their children in the slums or have taken them back to the village to stay with other family members. So far fifteen women were brought on board started receiving 10 euros an unconditional grant as from May 2016.

Ghana is divided into two; the north and the south. The south is abundant in vegetation (forests) and the sea (fish and oil) whereas the north is basically savanna (grasslands). This has resulted in most industries, government and economic activities being cited in the south. The people of the north are therefore deprived and as a result, they migrate south to seek ‘greener pastures’. In their quest to do this, they are faced with challenges down south in terms of accommodation and are forced to settle anywhere on the south side. The Old Fadama slum’s development is as a result of such a condition.

The aftermath of the migration from North to the south of Ghana was harsh living conditions, lack of basic human needs and a threat to their lives as some women are raped.