• July 11, 2016

The joy of every mother is to see their children grow and finish school. For Jacinta’s case, she always dreamt of her son finishing school and getting a job so that he could help in taking up some of the house responsibilities like paying bills. Her son was her only hope.

Just as her son had completed high school in December 2015 and was about to start working to help her financially take care of the younger siblings, he was run over by a hit and ran van. He was rushed to a hospital with broken limbs, he was also bleeding from his ears, nose and mouth. After a few months of being bedridden, he was finally discharged and taken back home. At home, Jacinta had to give him full attention, which meant that her small business of selling charcoal to Sinai slum dwellers had to be put on hold. (Many people in the slums use charcoal to light their stoves for cooking)

Two months after Jackson, (not his real name) was discharged, he fell ill again. Punching walls, yelling and throwing objects at people were some of the things he was doing. His mother got sick worried and took him back to Kenyatta National Hospital. The doctors tested and scanned him for any possible ailment associated with his medical history/from the accident.  The results indicated that Jackson had brain damages from the accident. He was referred to Mathari Mental Hospital for further treatment.

Jackson spends most of his time locked in his hospital room because he turned violent and can cause harm to other people and even himself. This situation has left Jacinta worried for her son. She is always making trips to the hospital to check on her sick son and back home to take care of her other children.

‘My relatives have been really supportive especially with paying the hospital bill which I could not afford all by myself. Above all I would like to that Dodore Foundation for the monthly donation, I used the money solely to feed my children especially when I was unable to do my business. Said Jacinta in a somber tone.

Jacinta has since resumed selling charcoal hoping that her small business will pick up so that she can pay off the debt she owes a couple of people who lent her money during her hard time.