• April 27, 2016

Judith is the most industrious woman among the ten beneficiaries in Kibera slums, Nairobi Kenya. She is a house help to five different people who always call her whenever they need her to do their chores which includes hand washing clothes, washing the dishes and cleaning the house. She works for at least five days a week and accumulates the money to pay for her daughter’s high school fees which is roughly 100 Euros per semester.

Judith says that she has set aside the unconditional grant specifically for paying her rent. Not having to worry about finding money to pay the rent helps her allocating the rest of her finances to other expenses every month.

The mother of five says that she struggled a lot when her husband passed way back in 1993 because he was the sole bread winner while she was a stay at home mum. She later learnt that is very important for a woman to be making an income even if she has a husband who is providing for the family.