• April 27, 2016

Mable Anyango was the first lady to be identified by Dodore Foundation as a beneficiary in 2011. At that time she was undergoing treatment in a hospital in Kibera slums while staying with her father who fully supported her during the time she was ailing.

After getting better, Mable helped with identifying the other 11 participants who then came up with a name of the group to identify themselves with. They chose the name Ladies of Influence. The women settled for this name because they influence each other to live their lives positively and also support each other at all times. Mable is the coordinator of the group and she is the main contact person between Dodore and the Ladies of Influence.

When she started receiving the unconditional grant, Mable decided to use the money to join a local college so that she could do a refresher course in community work. After finishing her course one year later, she joined a hospital in Kibera sponsored by Medicine Sans Frontiers (doctors without borders) from Belgium, as a volunteer.

She counseled HIV/AIDS patients who visited the clinic and she also offered Home-Based HIV Testing and Counselling. Home-based (HTC) is an emerging approach for delivering services and increases the number of people to know their HIV status. It allows individuals, couples, and families to learn their HIV status in their home environment. Home-based HTC clients appreciate the convenience and privacy of testing at home. In most cases, rapid HIV tests are used, so results are available for the client between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on whether confirmatory testing is required. She also encouraged other people to get tested so that they could know their HIV status. Home-based HTC is mainly sponsored by International non-government organizations like United States Agency for International Development

mable_2Unfortunately, Mable’s contract with clinic expired in May 2015 and she is currently searching for another job.
Mable is able to take care of herself and her family members whenever need arises thanks to the grant. She is grateful to Dodore foundation for being there for her when she needed someone to help her get on her feet.
‘I am who I am today because of Dodore Foundation’s unconditional grant.’