• April 27, 2016

Muyathi is one of the women who are benefiting from the monthly unconditional grant from Dodore Foundation. Her husband passed away in 1993 after ailing for a very long time and her family had used up to the last savings they had for his medication.

In 2010, she started being sickly every now and then that it got to a point where she was bedridden in her house. The community health workers and good Samaritans provided her with food on a daily basis until she was strong enough to start a small business that enabled her to take care of her family.

She is currently staying with her three grandchildren whose parents died during the violence that broke after the disputed 2007-2008 presidential elections in Kenya. This violence affected most parts of Kenya especially slums, Kibera being one of them. Following the presidential election in December 2007, people who were not satisfied with the election results resorted to violence. Attacks targeting certain ethnic groups induced revenge attacks, resulting in over two months of civil unrest throughout Kenya. Almost one thousand people were reported killed and around 500,000 people were internally displaced due to the post-election violence (PEV) (Human Rights Watch, 2008). Muyathi’s two children were among the people who were murdered.

Before she was identified to be one of the beneficiaries, she used to make doughnuts for sale in the morning and sell ‘mitumba’ (second hand clothes) during the day in an open market in Kibera. This work used to leave her very weak and exhausted since her health had deteriorated and had a poor eating habit.
The grant came to her at the right time because she was the sole bread winner of her two grandchildren, sickly and had no one to look to.

misyi_2misyiInitially, Muyathi was using the money to pay the rent but with time, she increased her sales of tea buns every morning. She is currently using the profit she makes from selling doughnuts to provide for her grandchildren.
‘I would never be happier with what Dodore Foundation has helped me with’.