• April 27, 2016

Rose was enrolled as one of Dodore Foundation Beneficiaries in 2012. The 59 year old woman lives in Kibera slums with two of her grandchildren whose parents are not able to provide for the children.

Her husband passed away in 2007 after being sick for a long time and she was left to take care of her children all by herself. She said her grandchildren are the reason why she is taking care of her health and working hard because she has no one else who can take care of them.
Before she was identified and recruited to the Dodore foundation program as one of the beneficiaries, Rose used to sell peanuts outside her house.

When she started receiving the unconditional grant, she used the money mainly on rent and could use the extra money she earned from selling peanuts to buy food for her grandchildren and herself. She later expanded her business by increased the peanut stock and added sweets and biscuits to her small business.
Rose said that before she started receiving the unconditional grant, she had kicked out of her house by the land lord on several occasions for failing to pay her rent on time. This was because her business was not doing very well to cater for all her basic needs and pay her rent in time.

She is grateful to Dodore for the monthly support and hopes that the donor will continue supporting her together with other women in the group.