Tuungane Youth Group; Kisumu

  • April 27, 2016

Tuungane youth group was started in the year 2015 with the aim of supporting widows and orphans. The youth planned to achieve this by doing table banking and farming. The group started with over thirty like-minded individuals who had a common goal; help the orphans and widows. Some members, however, got other opportunities and left the group, currently, they are fifteen members in the group.

The group consists of both Muslims and Christians, male and female. Amongst them ten widows who are supported by the group, five are group members while the other five are elderly women who live around Kendu Bay village, Kisumu.

In September 2015, As Ramadhan Suleiman, the group Chairman was just browsing, he stumbled upon Dodore Foundation and wrote a mail to Sijmen De Hoogh, Dodore Foundation founder, requesting the donation to be extended to mother-headed families in Kendu Bay Kisumu.

Much as the group was helping the widows even before Dodore came in, Ramadhan acknowledged that the group was not sustainable enough to take care of beneficiaries, this is because the members are also not well off but they sacrifice what they can help the needy.

As the chairman of the group, Ramadhan is in charge of selecting the neediest widows whenever the need arises, he also understands that not all widows are needy.