• July 11, 2016

‘I would like Dodore Foundation to continue supporting poor single mothers, grow bigger and  get more donors so that they can help other single women who are going through tough times’. These were the words of Winfred about Dodore Foundation during an interview in her tiny single roomed house in Sinai slum, Nairobi.

Winfred is a sickly single mother of three who has severe health issues and unlike other beneficiaries who have small businesses they do on the side, Winfred stays at home most of the time especially the days that she very ill. She manages to get up some days and does laundry for people at a small fee. (Many people in Kenya do not have a washing machine and do their laundry by hand, if people are busy themselves they often have other people to do the laundry for them.)The money she gets from doing laundry is mainly used to buy food for her family.

‘If it were not for Dodore Foundation, I would have been kicked out my house a long time ago. Especially the times that I can go for weeks without working. I use the unconditional cash exclusively for paying the rent, so that I don’t have to worry about being kicked out and I can use the money I earn with doing occasional work to feed my children’.

Winfred believes that she is a strong woman and the moment she fully recovers/once she is fully recovered, she will work even harder and start saving some money for her children’s future.

‘Dodore Foundation donation is heaven sent, there is no single individual that I know of, who can give me money on a monthly basis like Dodore. We are human beings and we can only help someone to a certain point and then get tired, but Dodore Foundation has been faithful to me and they have never disappointed me. Thank you very much Dodore Foundation!’ said Winfred with a smile on her face.